Learn more about each Tribe.

Discover the story of the Wanderers, Colonists and Descendants.


The Wanderers originate from a scavenger culture born as a result of the global cataclysm that ravaged the world. Even today, the Wanderer faction goes for quick and efficient solutions with little to no regard for secondary aspects such as science/environmental care. Their units pollute and are unreliable but when they do work, they have tremendous destructive power.


The Colonists are what remains from the old civilization before the cataclysm. They survived in underground habitats, preserving and upgrading the old technology. Their goal is to rebuild the civilization, and they do so by building new bases to gather resources and set up new outposts.


The Descendants are an enigmatic alien race that arrived shortly before the cataclysm. No one knows what they really look like, as they never leave their full-body environmental suits. What is known is that they are ruthless and use very advanced technology.